About the company

The largest private group of energy companies in Latvia combining the broadest and most modern service portfolio with the most experienced energy experts.


Turnover of the group in 2021: EUR 67 million

Cooperation with 500+ business clients

Group of companies with 100% domestic capital

The fastest growing energy group in the Baltic states


The production capacity of installed solar panels


Electricity trading amount


Natural gas trading amount

Reliable partner for integrated energy services


The production capacity of installed solar panels


Electricity trading amount


Natural gas trading amount


The production capacity of installed solar panels


Electricity trading amount


Natural gas trading amount

Our Mission

To provide businesses with accessible solutions to become involved in the circular economy by combining knowledge and passion.

Our Vision

  1. To be a Latvian company that grows and develops on an international level.
  2. To be a leader of innovations in the energy sector.
  3. To be open for cooperation, taking care of the environment for future generations together.

Circular economy

By using the acquired and accumulated experience, we improve and develop our energy and waste management solutions to enable businesses to become involved in the circular economy. We aim to promote the transition to sustainable growth by applying the principles of circular economy and offering efficient, low-carbon and renewable energy resources.

The circular economy is an economic model that aims to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible, reduce the production of waste and use of resources and retain the resources within the economy at the end of their lifecycle to be reused again and again, thus creating additional value.



The team

Roberts Samtiņš


Krišjānis Baidekalns

Executive Director

Anna Rozīte

Business Development Manager

Aiga Vanaga

Executive Assistant

Mārtiņš Pudņiks

Communications Director

Kristīne Bileja

Human Resources Manager

Kristaps Dīriņš

Director, Board Member of SIA “ProMC”

Edmunds Astičs

Commercial Director of SIA “ProMC”

Mārtiņš Vecvagars

Project Manager

Miks Gabdulļins

Wholesale Director

Oskars Daugavvanags-Vanags

Wholesale Project Manager

Linda Legzdiņa-Leiere

Administrative Director

Līva Kublačova

Administrative Specialist

Egija Andersone

Office Manager

Kristīne Beržinska

Chief Accountant

Sandra Lasmane


Evita Binde

Deputy Consulting Director

Mārtiņš Jansons

Director of Sales

Līna Kundziņa

Sustainability Project Manager

Evelīna Valeiņa

Customer Relations Manager

Kristaps Pilsētnieks

Customer Relations Manager

Edīte Brūklīte

Head of Sales Support Department

Juliana Biķerniece

Private Customer Service Specialist

Jeļena Samorukova

Billing Specialist

Dace Kārkliņa-Rudzīte

Customer Relations Assistant Manager

Aleksandrs Geraščenko

Board Member of SIA "Cactus", Energy projects Director

Edgars Beržinskis

Executive Director of SIA „Cactus”

Jeļena Kuzmina

Assistant of Board Member of SIA "Cactus"

Tatjana Stefanova

Project Manager

Romualds Bogdanovičs

Chief Electrical Engineer

Māris Barkāns

Electrical Engineer

Mihails Krilovs

Engineering Designer

Daniels Adrians Vasiļjevs

Junior Engineering Designer

Aleksandrs Sapožņikovs

Engineering Designer

Karīna Suharevska

Assistant construction manager in the field of electrical installation

Ričards Leimanis

Solar power plant Project Manager

Elgars Līpenīts

Producer Relationship Manager

Maksims Husko

Procurement Specialist Assistant/ warehouse employee

Oļegs Kosigins

Shareholder Representative of AS "AJ Power Recycling"

Solveiga Grīsle

Board Member of AS "AJ Power Recycling"

Jūlija Geļma

Waste Management Project Manager

Rūta Ozoliņa

Financial Analyst

Social responsibility

We are a Latvian company, fostered and nurtured with our own efforts and funds, with a desire to create a better Latvia not just for ourselves, our clients and loved ones, but also for society as a whole. This is why we see supporting others as our responsibility.

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