Social responsibility

We are a Latvian company, fostered and nurtured with our own efforts and funds, with a desire to create a better Latvia not just for ourselves, our clients and loved ones, but also for society as a whole. This is why we see supporting others as our responsibility.


Support in the implementation of A. Bikše’s “Medics To The World” sculpture

Thanks to the selfless work of health care workers during the three-month emergency period, as well as inviting people to think about importance of medics in society, 16.06.2020. an ambitious sculpture "Medics To The World" made by sculptor Aigars Bikše has been unveiled at the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga. Within a few weeks, the artist's idea grew into a public initiative involving various 20 companies and organizations.

The importance of medical personnel in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 cannot be described in words. These people have worked selflessly for long hours to take care of public safety, and we also want doctors to know that society sees and appreciates it. We feel honoured to be involved and support the implementation of such a unique project, thus emphasizing the important role of medics in society. #MedicsToTheWorld #MediķiPasaule

Official partner of the Tokyo 2020 Latvian Olympic team

In January 2019, the AJ Power group of energy companies commenced cooperation with the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOK) becoming the official partner of the Latvian Tokyo 2020 Olympic team. As a partner, AJ Power will participate by supporting various events by the Latvian Olympic Committee and expanding their audience reach.

The vinyl record of the “Art Needs Space” foundation

In the summer of 2018, a series of exhibitions titled "Sound Needs Art" took place in the summer house of the "Art Needs Space" foundation. It was an interdisciplinary project highlighting the importance of the symbiosis of music and visual arts and showcasing the art heritage of the second half of the 20th century. In December 2019, supported by AJ Power, the "Art Needs Space" foundation released a vinyl record with all tracks created by musicians as part of this art project. "Sound Needs Art" was a unique contemporary art project reflecting on visual art heritage, combining visual art with music and scenography. We believe that mutual cooperation is what drives the creation of new values. We are honoured to support such a unique project, accenting the rich heritage of Latvian visual art and expanding the Latvian identity.

X Krasta mačs

AJ Power supports the 24-hour " X Krastu mačs" basketball tournament organised by VEF Riga basketball club. This year’s Battle of the Riversides marked the first time of raising funds for theoretical and practical training about safety near water for students of Riga schools and sports schools. For each point scored at the 2019 Battle of the Riversides basketball games, 2 euros were donated for the education of children and young people about safety on and near water. A total of 2,301 points were scored, resulting in a EUR 4,602 donation to the "Peldēt droši" association.

Supporting the Children’s Foundation of Latvia

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than the ability to provide support and joy to others. This is why for Christmas we donate to the Children’s Foundation of Latvia to fully cover the costs of a summer recreation and rehabilitation camp for children with special needs, victims of violence and children from foster and low-income families. Each year, an average of 20 such camps are held in Latvia with 25 children participating in each. This is an opportunity for the children to make new friends, learn self-dependence, overcome insecurities and fear to be outside the home without their parents. In this way, these camps are not only for recreation and learning with qualified specialists, but also a stepping stone to becoming more self-dependent in the future.