Solar power, more than 2 MW

We offer an entirely new service in Latvia – implementation of industrial solar power plants in cooperation with landowners. Find out your options and earn more with your land!


4000+ MWh

The production capacity of installed solar panels


The cooperation model


Unused land available


Feasibility study and signing a letter of intent


The cooperation model and conclusion of an agreement


Attraction of finances


Construction of a solar power plant

Feasibility study and signing a letter of intent

Obtaining general information on the potential land plot and an approximate estimate of options. The main principles of cooperation are defined and a letter of intent is signed.


  1. 01

    The potential assessment of the project

  2. 02

    Evaluation of installing the solar panels

  3. 03

    Construction options, technical feasibility study

  4. 04

    Determination of design and construction costs

Cooperation model and conclusion of an agreement

We are open and honest in our actions. We work according to the open-book principle of agreement, which means that we agree on the project costs, the course of implementation, so that both parties can gain the best possible benefit.


  1. 01

    Agreeing on the conditions for cooperation

  2. 02

    Conclusion of cooperation agreement

  3. 03

    Clear cooperation conditions

  4. 04

    Participating in the adopting of decisions

  5. 05

    No hidden costs

Preparing of documents

We prepare all the necessary documentation for obtaining permits and approvals to ensure successful further implementation of the project.


  1. 01

    Preparing of all the necessary documentation

  2. 02

    In-house operating principle

  3. 03

    Support of experienced and certified professionals

Attraction of finances

The project can be implemented with our own funding, but if necessary, we assist in the attraction of investors for the solar power park; we calculate the total costs and profitability of the project.


  1. 01

    Knowledge and experience in attracting the funding

  2. 02

    Availability of the potential project investors

  3. 03

    Cooperation with the commercial banks and investment funds of Latvia

Construction of a solar power park

The most extensive experience in the implementation of solar power parks in Latvia. We are able to provide management and supervision of the highest level design, equipment procurement and construction process.


  1. 01

    An experienced team of energy experts

  2. 02

    Various technical solutions are available

  3. 03

    Support of certified professionals

Acquiring income

After commissioning of the solar power park for use, the sale of the produced electricity is also ensured, which guarantees a fixed profit in the long run.


  1. 01

    Electricity trader “AJ Power” with long-term experience in the energy market

  2. 02

    A large number of existing and potential customers both in Latvia and abroad, who are willing to conclude long-term fixed-price contracts

Find out the potential of your land!

Our main principle is cooperation: using our knowledge and local experience, we offer the landowners cooperation in the implementation of solar power plants in Latvia.


Find out the potential of your land


0 MW

How many MW can be installed

0 MWh

The amount produced annually, MWh

0 kg

Annual CO2 saving, kg


Total project value, EUR


Landowner’s benefit per year* *Calculated taking into account NP LV weighted average price of 12 months

Criteria for landowners

Area of land for construction:
3-100 ha

The land
can be adapted for construction

Availability of electricity connection

Ownership and possession rights

Reasons for cooperation

  • 01

    Local. Group of energy companies with 100% domestic capital

  • 02

    Experience. Many years of experience in the implementation of solar panels and energy projects in Latvia

  • 03

    Knowledge. Accuracy, knowledge of legislation and in-depth understanding of local processes

  • 04

    Long-term cooperation. A reliable partner with a clearly defined cooperation model

  • 05

    Lasting investment. The duration of solar power park operation is more than 25 years, and it does not require additional investments during the entire period of its operation

  • 06

    Availability. Until the implementation of the project, the land can be freely used for the current purpose

  • 07

    Green power. The green energy produced by the solar power plant can also be used for the needs of your business or farm

Possibility to earn up to EUR 1 000
per hectare of land!

Solar energy has become one of the most attractive investments in the market. We participate throughout the process to ensure that you receive the maximum return from your investment.

Your contribution to the energy independence of Latvia

The European Union has set an ambitious goal: to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 50% by 2030. The transition to renewable energy resources is part of the European Green Deal, which will provide options for receiving various subsidies and benefits in the future.

Solar energy – one of the lowest CO2 footprints

Compared to other renewable energy sources or fossil fuels, solar panels are one of the simplest solutions for renewable energy production with the lowest CO2 footprint. Even by incorporating the production and transportation of solar panel technology, the solution significantly offsets its CO2 footprint throughout its life cycle.

Find out the potential of your land