In cooperation with the energy company AJ Power fish canning company Banga Ltd located in Roja, Latvia installed the largest solar panel park in Courland. In choosing environmentally friendly energy, Banga Ltd is investing in the start of green electricity generation, which will be used at the factory and will reduce the company's costs over the long term.

In this solar panel project, more than 600 solar panels were installed on the ground, with a total system capacity of 200 kW. Solar panels will produce 198 000 kWh of green electricity during the year which is ~ 25% of the total annual electricity consumption of the company. Banga Ltd will save more than EUR 17 000 per year for electricity costs. Over the next 10 years, Banga Ltd will save costs of EUR 185 000.

Banga Ltd is located in the industrial production zone and when selecting any new equipment or technique, and when planning future developments, company takes into account the environmental aspect. Setting up a solar panel park is another step for the company on its way to more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing activity.

"Although the actual gain will only be visible after a year, we already know that we have all the preconditions for this project to be very successful. The green electricity produced from soler park will be used primarily for the production factory. Installed solar park has virtually no maintenance costs, as much as mowing the lawn in the park area. We anticipate a positive cash flow for this project within the first year.” Banga Ltd Managing Director, Ingus Veckagans.

“The established solar panel park for Banga Ltd is an excellent example of the drive of production companies that want to become more independent of fluctuating electricity prices, to reduce costs and to engage in a circular economy. Installing solar panels are one of the safest investments that pays off in a relatively short time and becomes more accessible to consumers.” Roberts Samtiņš, CEO of AJ Power.

About Banga Ltd:

Banga factory is located in Roja, Latvia. Roja is a fishing village centre at the shores of the Gulf of Riga, where the River Roja falls into. The company opened its production unit within territory of the former collective farm Banga that was very famous seafood producer during the soviet times, starting production of canned fish already in 1947. Since the beginning of 2012 Banga has reviewed in new quality having adjusted and updated its production unit in accordance with requirements of the European Council directives, as well as received a permit for export not only to European countries, but also to the Customs Union states, USA, Japan, China and many other countries.

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