The fish processing company Unda, in cooperation with the energy company group AJ Power, Swedbank and the Rural Support Service, implemented an impressive solar panel park on the shores of the Gulf of Riga in Engure. As part of the project, 630 solar panels were installed with a total capacity of 236 kW, which will produce approximately 226,300 kWh of green electricity per year for the company.

The project implemented by the energy company group AJ Power is one of the largest solar parks in the region, and the green electricity produced by it will be used for the company’s SIA Unda own consumption. It is planned that the green energy produced by the solar panels will cover 20% of the company’s total electricity consumption.

“The solar panel project is a self-evident and logical choice. Looking back today when we made the decision to go ahead with the project, it is clear that this has not only proved to be a green and sustainable project, but is also more cost-effective than we originally planned. We consider ourselves a sustainable company, and every new development or investment project is also evaluated from a sustainability perspective. There are more and more customers who carefully examine the packaging, the composition of the product and the information available about the manufacturer to make sure that the product is produced responsibly, caring for resources by using green energy, and is clean and of good quality in every way. It is important for us to provide this to all of our customers,” comments Artūrs Bubišs, Chairman of the Board of SIA Unda.

“Currently, one of the priority issues for every company is the facilitation of energy independence. The case of the fish processing company Unda is remarkable in that they acted in time and can already benefit as a result. SIA Unda will be able to provide themselves a part of the required electricity in the long run at a constant price. We are pleased and proud that local companies are continuing to implement renewable energy projects, providing themselves with green energy and promoting energy independence. We are convinced that the implemented project will support the further development of the company and give a competitive advantage both in the local and international markets,” says Roberts Samtiņš, the CEO of AJ Power group.

The company’s investments in the production of green energy will pay off in less than 3 years, and SIA Unda will save up to EUR 30,000 in electricity costs during a year. In addition, the park does not require additional investment and has virtually no maintenance costs. By installing solar panels, SIA Unda will also prevent the release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 88.82 tons per year, which is equivalent to 4,037 planted trees.

The company continues to implement green and modern solutions in its production procedures, which make it possible to significantly increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and substantially improve impact on the environment. Therefore, the company’s investment in production of green energy by solar panels is a logical next step.

“This solar park is a great example of how a manufacturing company takes active steps to reduce its CO2 footprint. Fisheries is an industry rich in tradition, and a step towards sustainability is a path in which we are truly pleased to support the company,” emphasizes Jevgenijs Ivanovs, Head of Corporate Banking at Swedbank.

“The success of any project supported by the European Union funds is based on a strategic approach and thinking in the long term – whether and how the investments will be useful, not only now, but also after many years. This is a step-by-step path, from project to project. But everything is based on growth! I am very happy that SIA Unda, which is an excellent partner to the Rural Support Service, has also invested in the so-called green approach, thinking about renewable resources, and a solar power plant has been built. This is only one of the activities financed by the service: as part of the project, the company has also purchased different equipment for the production of canned fish. We are waiting for new applications for other projects,” says Rinalds Vācers, Director of the Fisheries and State Support Department at the Rural Support Service.

The project has been implemented in cooperation with the energy group AJ Power, Swedbank and the Rural Support Service. The total investment in the project amounted to EUR 165,460.

About SIA Unda: SIA Unda is a fish processing company located in Engure. Established in 1992, SIA Unda is a fast-growing exporter. The company exports its products to 18 countries, including the United States, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine and others. SIA Unda production procedures and quality meet the highest food standards, which the company confirms in annual IFS, BRC and MSC audits. The company’s turnover in 2021 is projected at ~ EUR 6.5 million, the average turnover growth in recent years has been 20-30%.

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